Parent Testimonies

If you are looking for something special to enrich the very life of your child…you’ve found it in Childbloom!

A. Peterson, Boise Idaho

I have the utmost respect and admiration for our Childbloom instructor. She is very well suited for the job and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Childbloom is a great program and I wouldn’t dream of having my daughter learn another way.

Gayle Matthias

The Childbloom program has helped teach my son discipline, and shown him the positive outcome when you stick to something. His teacher is very patient and can explain to him on his level and understanding. He looks forward to his Monday night class every week.

Brenda DeGraffenreid

There is no national classical guitar program that comes close to the distinctive, professional teaching model offered by Childbloom. The best thing we did for our son on the artistic side was to introduce him at age 8 to Kevin Taylor and his Childbloom instructors. It has been a wonderful experience, especially to hear the beautiful music these young people perform throughout the year!

B. Forbes

This has been the best experience! Our son’s time at Childbloom has really been beneficial. He has now expanded the number of instruments he plays as a result. Our teacher is highly effective.

Bill & Julie Campbell

At 3+ years in the Program I recently asked my daughter (11 yrs. old) why she likes guitar. Her response was, ”I like to be able to do something that not a lot of kids can do and I like to show that skill off.

Steve Ortiz

My kids have been taking lessons with The Childbloom Guitar Program for the past 4 years. Learning guitar from an instructor who is fantastic at ‘tuning in’ to each child at his/her level is a great way to instill in them an appreciation of music, a sense of accomplishment, self-discipline, and CONFIDENCE. Childbloom teaches proper technique and skills that will enable kids to play ANY style of music they choose! It really has enriched my kids’ lives in ways they’ll carry with them into adulthood!

T.H. Gibbs

As a guitarist, musician, music teacher, arts administrator, and parent, I can confidently say that the Childbloom Guitar program is one of the absolute best options for young musicians. The course content is perfectly age- and ability-appropriate and is paired with some of the best research-based music instruction I’ve ever seen. My son isn’t just playing notes on a page or repeating patterns by rote, he is learning fundamental musicianship in an environment that has his best interests in mind. Do yourself a favor and have your child sit-in for a lesson before you decide to join; you’ll be signing up before the session is done.
Jason Martin
Choral Vice President- Music Educators Association