About Us

Why Choose Childbloom®?

Childbloom Instructors are Specialists

We don’t “happen” to teach children. We specialize in teaching children. The Childbloom Program was made for young people age 5 and up. You can feel confident that your children will be given the best opportunity to learn, grow and cultivate their talent.

A History of Success

The Childbloom® Guitar Program began in 1980. It was the first national program to introduce young kids to music through the guitar. Our goal has always been to provide kids with the skill and literacy necessary to allow them to go into whatever musical direction they wish.

Childbloom Instructors

Childbloom Instructors are Licensed by the Childbloom Company. All Instructors are vetted through a background check, reference interviews and skill audition.

The Childbloom Instructor training includes (but is not limited to):

  • Training in child-development models, which helps the teacher understand the child’s ability to grow musically;
  • Curriculum training gives each Childbloom educator the tools to bring out the best in your child;
  • Physiology of the hand and skill of guitar-playing so the student can learn proper ergonomics to avoid injury as the student matures.