why choose Childbloom

Childbloom Instructors are Specialists

We don’t “happen” to teach children. We specialize in teaching children. The Childbloom Program was made for young people age 5 and up. You can feel confident that your children will be given the best opportunity to learn, grow and cultivate their talent.

A History of Success

The Childbloom Guitar Program began in 1980. It was the first national program to introduce young kids to music through the guitar. Our goal has always been to provide kids with the skill and literacy necessary to allow them to go into whatever musical direction they wish.

Childbloom Instructors

Childbloom Instructors are Licensed by the Childbloom Company. All Instructors are vetted through a background check, reference interviews and skill audition.

The Childbloom Instructor training includes (but is not limited to):

  • Training in child-development models, which helps the teacher understand the child’s ability to grow musically;
  • Curriculum training to understand the Childbloom materials and how they are appropriate for musical and technical growth;
  • Physiology of the hand and skill of guitar-playing so the student can learn proper ergonomics to avoid injury as the student matures.
The Childbloom Difference

Vetting and Training

You can trust a licensed Childbloom Instructor to be a responsible mentor for your child. All Childbloom teachers are vetted through background checks, interaction with references and personal interviews. They are trained in child-development, and caring and proper behavior around children.

Parental Support

Parents are always encouraged to attend the lesson. Childbloom parents receive the Childbloom Monthly Newsletter which deals with the many challenges of practice and motivation that occur over the course of a growing child’s life. Parents agree that the newsletter is an important help. Your teacher will be an important resource for your child’ growth.

Program Materials

The Childbloom Program’s materials have been carefully constructed with children in mind. Childbloom teachers also provide an online, safe, deep web practice club of audio/video  materials available only to Childbloom families. These materials are a result of cutting edge learning research and help the student practice with purpose, becoming skilled quickly.

Your child will experience learning victories right from the start. They can grow into monster musicians! You will see it happen!

Social Support

Because we most often teach in small groups, students develop social bonds that encourage their progress. The high retention rate of Childbloom students is unique among typical music lessons. Students also learn ensemble music right from the beginning. This develops their musical mind at an early age and integrates their social needs as they move into the teen years.


The Childbloom Program is typically the most affordable entrance into music lessons you can find. Even though ours is a high-value program we encourage our Instructors to price at or below the market price to allow the greatest number of families to participate.

Here’s what students say about Childbloom
"I like guitar because the songs are so sweet, and I thank you for making this program." LW (age 9)
"I love playing guitar because it let's you express yourself. Its also really fun to play even though it is sometimes difficult. But when its hard that makes it more amazing when you get it down." Emmaly
" I had been teaching myself guitar using a different book, but was finding it very difficult until I discovered your program. It makes sense and is much easier to learn. I am absolutely loving guitar and am very thankful for your program" LW
"My family has been so blessed by this program with three of us learning to play guitar. This program has been a major part of my life, teaching me so very much. Thank You!" RC
"Guitar is a language in which Childbloom has helped me discover and play. Thank you for creating a program that has allowed me to find my inner-musician." AZ
"I think any other program wouldn't have been as easy to understand and fun as Childbloom. I've been playing for half of my life, wow! I can't imagine what my life would be like without guitar. Thank you for making a dedicated musician out of me." EH
"Guitar has taught me a lot about how important it is to have a schedule that you stick to weekly… and I still learn new things about music. I find it pretty cool that I can watch a YOUTUBE video of someone playing the guitar and think to myself ' I can do that'. I recently started a band with some of my friends and I relish the fact that I can read music and they can't." EE
"Dear Mr. Taylor, By my classes I am surprised now how beautiful a guitar sounds. I am now a fan of guitar playing. I love having [my 2 classmates] in my class."
Sincerely, your Student, M.D. 8 yrs old
MD - 8 yrs
"I just wanted to express how much guitar has meant for me. I've been playing for almost 8 years." L. Allen