The Childbloom Curriculum

The Childbloom Guitar Program uses a tested curriculum and structure that makes it easy and fun to teach a high-skill, classical guitar technique, music literacy and musicality to kids as young as 5. 

The uniqueness of the materials allows a teacher to instruct children in groups. The Childbloom curriculum is notably successful with children five and up. There is an ensemble component that runs through the material from the very beginning. This allows the context for total musical development – from building the cognitive musical skills needed for artistry to integrating the adolescent’s social needs. Here is what one, non-affiliated, University teacher says about what he has seen:

“The Childbloom program is the most effective pedagogical curriculum I know. I have consistently witnessed outstanding young Childbloom guitarists who were not only musically superior in their ensemble/chamber music skills, but also fabulous soloists! Several have in fact, have been awarded generous scholarships to study at prestigious courses abroad. They are regularly featured on the NPR syndicated radio show, “From the Top,” and receive scholarships to prestigious music schools throughout the USA! The young artists trained in the Childbloom program are a step ahead of their peers in my opinion.” John McClellan Author, Producer, International Guitarist and Professor of Music, Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri 

“Fun”damental Technique and Musicality

The first level of curriculum is a pre-literate program. The parts introduce a hierarchy of technical skill, so as the child learns the material, he or she is also developing left and right hand guitar skills. The music is arranged in parts so that the ensemble component is introduced to the student right from the start.  We provide each student with audio materials and easy-to-read transcription of the music so parents can help at home. This is the level at which the student is introduced to the proper playing posture, positions of the left and right hand, rest stroke, free stroke motion with dyads and chords, arpeggio motion, thumb use, use of all left hand fingers in a static and moving posture and musical ideas.

“Fun”damental Literacy

All reading-ready Childbloom students undergo a step-by-step literacy program. First-position notes and fundamental rhythm combinations are performed with short solo and ensemble tunes. Ensemble play is continued with rounds and part music. Included are tunes common to the cultural literacy of the Americas. Fingering notation and rhythmic notation down to sixteenth notes and dotted rhythms are presented in this literacy step. In this program, more technical issues are introduced once the student is reading on multiple strings in a confident manner. The book culminates with learning music with multi-voice textures. A beautiful, “play-along” recording of the lessons are available to the parent through a download system.

We also provide a popular online flash-card application that engages the student to learn the notes quickly. This has been a great new development in 2019.

Expanded Techniques

Once a student has learned basic literacy skills, the challenge is to develop more technical and advanced literacy knowledge. This part of the system builds the student’s solo repertoire with carefully selected and beautiful music from the 16th century to the present. Unfortunately young students have nowhere to go to listen to the music that they can actually play, since concert music is beyond reach. Thus we provide a CD of the music and/or downloadable audio files they can play, perfectly performed, to accompany this series of tunes. No wonder its called “Tunes You Can Play.”


In order to reinforce the students’ literacy skills and to provide ensemble experience, expansion ensemble music is presented. This work has music in 2,3 and 4 parts. All the music is constructed to reinforce literacy and technical skill. This collection contains some of the most beautiful folk songs of the world and is perfect for recitals and public performances. 

Playing duets are important for the advancing musician. We have a unique collection of original duets for the advanced Childbloom student.


This is an advanced collection of tunes for the student. Works from the Medieval to contemporary composers such as Bogdonavic, F. Wallace & K. Taylor are included. The Tunes You Can Play 2 CD is another beautiful production. Students encounter more advanced techniques, literacy and higher-position reading.


This is an advanced collection of ensemble pieces for Childbloom students who have played for several years and contains arrangements of music from both folk and Art music traditions.


Besides the music from the Ensemble books, there is also a collection of music specially composed and arranged for 3, 4 and 5 guitars. Much of this music can be heard on Childbloom Instructors form their own performing ensembles (often called “Bella Corda” groups). These ensembles are powerful tools to reinforce the skills of the advancing players and create a culture of excellence in the Director’s Childbloom program. 

Here are 6 dances (full score and parts) composed for advanced youth guitar ensemble. These were commissioned by a crowd funding campaign and are available for free download.

• Gather Dance

• Happy Dance

• Dance of the Morning Sun

• Slow Dance

• MAGC Dance

• Farewell to the Dance


This is a system of reading rhythm. It presents a developmental process for playing and understanding rhythmic notation for the student in one AND two parts. From the simplest whole/half/quarter notation to mixed meter in two parts and syncopation, this book is the best work of its kind ever produced for developing guitarists!


The Childbloom Company’s theory material is specially geared toward younger minds. Information on fundamental language of music is presented in the literacy material and fundamental rhythmic understanding in the Rhythm manual. There is also material dealing with the understanding of harmony (Tonic/dominant), the use of chords and playing in the upper positions. Our Blues/Rock theory Unit is also popular.


The Childbloom Company continues to add to their catalogue: Christmas music, Hymn music, patriotic music in a “one-size-fits-all” arrangements from an easy version to a 2 or 3 part version. There is also occasional music offered in the Childbloom Monthly Newsletter, which parents receive. This music is available only to certified Childbloom Instructors.

Here’s what teachers say about The Childbloom Guitar Program
"1 word: Success!!!! The Childbloom Curriculum allows students to consistently succeed because of the thoughtful pedagogy behind it.  I leave every day wanting to go back to teach tomorrow to see what new success' my students have made. I have too many friends who make a lot more money than I do, and they all hate their job. I make an honest income and can support my family doing something I love to do. Being able to create my own schedule also allows me to spend time with my family and still go to work everyday. I have the best of both worlds because Childbloom helps me to succeed!" Chris Peleshenko, St. Charles County, Mo.
C. P.
"With a proven curriculum and company support I am able to maintain a base source of income from Childbloom lessons, which complements my other activities. I’m impressed with the broad base of knowledge I’m able to draw from the company and from other teachers. In addition to the great resources for pedagogy, etc. I appreciate the emphasis the company has placed on the practical issue of building a successful business." Geoff Gunderson, Sioux Falls, SD.
G. Gunderson
"The Childbloom program is the most effective pedagogical curriculum I know…I have consistently witnessed outstanding young guitarists who were not only musically superior in their ensemble and chamber musical skills, but also fabulous soloists! The young artists trained in the Childbloom Program are a step ahead of their peer in my opinion." John McClellan, Author, Producer, Guitarist and Professor of Music, Webster University, St. Louis, So
J. McClellan
"The Childbloom Guitar Program is a wonderful method for students and teachers. The pedagogy is inspiring and fun for the students. The initial teacher training and follow-up workshops are very enlightening, enabling the teachers to take advantage of other instructors' experience and expertise. The earning potential of the program is the highest of any Method I've found." Jan Ryberg
J. Ryberg
"When I came into contact with The Childbloom Guitar Program, it opened doors I never imagined for young children. The materials are excellent! They have real musical content so they are interesting to learn. Teaching is a happy occasion for the kids and the teacher!"  Gilda Blanchard
G. Blanchard
"With two performance degrees and no job opportunities I decided to open a Childbloom Program. I love using the materials and curriculum. In addition I earn two to three times more that my part-time university teaching and greater job security and satisfaction. Operating this Program was one of the best decisions I've ever made." Polly Maynard MM, Denton Tx.
P. Maynard
"When was 25 I thought, ‘Why do I want to waste my time teaching children?’ I didn’t see the potential for a musical career that Childbloom Educator Training offered. Although I taught college for 20 years, teaching children has been much more musically rewarding. Even with Suzuki training, I never had the studio I needed to support a family. The Childbloom Program has allowed that and more. I only wish I had done it sooner."
Michael Miller
"I love the repertoire, beautiful music that is a joy to play and teach." K. Kerwin, Austin
Katie Kerwin
"Childbloom is a one-of-a-kind program that provides the highest quality of music education for kids of all ages. It has the capability of sharing with children a fulfilling passion in the arts. Having started with the Childbloom Program when I was only 8 years old, I know the power of learning music at a young age. It has given me a deeper connection with my true self and has allowed me to blossom in a career driven by creativity and not money." Trevor Willmott - Nashville
T. Willmott
“The kids love this program. I have not had one child fail to become excited about it.” K. Hanser, St. Louis, MO
K. Hanser
"When I first learned about the Childbloom Guitar Program I was admittedly more impressed with the potential increase in income. Since I began teaching the Childbloom Program here in Tulsa … I’m having as much fun as the students. The piano and violin have had an effective pedagogy available to children for many years. Now with the Childbloom Guitar Program, the guitar is on an equal level.” – Michael Fowler, University of Tulsa, OK
M. Fowler
“Childbloom has offered that opportunity…to build a successful studio reliably and quickly. However, the program has proven its worth from more than a financial standpoint – lots and lots of children are learning to play the guitar!” – K. Larson, Boise, ID
K. Larson
“With two performance degrees and no job opportunities I decided to open a Childbloom Program. I love using the materials and curriculum. In addition, I earn two to three times more than my part-time university teaching and have greater job security and satisfaction. Operating this Program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” – Polly Maynard MM, Denton, TX
P. Maynard
“The Childbloom curriculum is a wonderful program for kids. It works. I was successful right away. I recommend the Childbloom Program for any serious instructor wanting to work smarter, instead of harder.” – Jeff Comas – BM, Austin Peay
J. Comas