The Program For Instructors

The Childbloom Difference

Childbloom training gives you the tools for joyful and economically successful teaching. The CHILDBLOOM brand gives a teacher a unique and advantageous presence in the community.

High Quality and Proven Curriculum

The Childbloom curriculum was especially developed for success in teaching a high-skill technique to children ages 5 and up. The Childbloom method began by consulting human development models and music education research. No other guitar method has done that. From the youngest’s pride in competency to the teenager’s expanding social horizon, the Childbloom curriculum combined with the Childbloom structure, is engaging for young people of all ages. 


More Value Through the Childbloom System

Do you have a degree and nowhere to go? The Childbloom training allows guitar instructors to access an eager clientele – children ages 5 and up. The Childbloom BRAND allows a teacher to stand apart in a competitive environment. Childbloom Directors are not just run-of-the-mill guitar teachers. The brand communicates specialized training, a history of success, an effective program and an image that sets it apart. Being a Childbloom Director is a career. If the demographic is large enough, Childbloom Directors may also sponsor or hire other Licensed Instructors.

The Childbloom system helps the teacher maximize the value of his or her teaching time, teaching up to 8 students per hour successfully. This allows the Childbloom Educator’s hourly income to increase proportionally and yet be cost-competitive in the marketplace, reaching more children. The Program was developed by guitar teachers for guitar teachers and their students. The Childbloom Guitar Program has remained strong for 40 years. The reason: its economic design, its operational function, ongoing training and culture of excellence it develops among students.


You Can Take 10 Weeks Off Yearly!

If you are  private instructor already, you know the economic insecurity associated with teaching music lessons: no income during holidays, month-to-month fluctuations due to absences, snow days, students missing lessons, etc.

The Childbloom System solves many of those problems. Childbloom provides income stability. No need to worry about losing all your income during Christmas holidays and summer. The Childbloom system allows you to schedule your students and take up to 10 weeks off yearly without your monthly income declining. 


Maximize the Value of Your Time

The Childbloom program is designed to be part-time work. The typical schedule of teaching is less than 5 hours per day. You will make your own schedule. No need to create lesson plans or extra material for your students. The Childbloom curriculum is all you will need. You will have time for practice, performance, school, other work or pursuits of happiness.

 MORE Income Stability and Opportunity THAN ANY PROGRAM

Besides tuition income, Childbloom Program curriculum creates other income opportunities. Here are some that our entrepreneurial teachers use and develop:

  • Enrollment Fees – These fees for the initial enrollment material which includes a monthly newsletter and a subscription to the online Childbloom Learning Club that all new Childbloom families receive upon enrollment create an additional resource for the teacher.
  • Stable income through innovative payment structuring – The Childbloom system has taken the instability out of much of the economics of the private music-teaching profession. This client-friendly structure makes it easy on both clients and teachers.
  • Curriculum sales.  – One of the most labor-intensive and costly parts of music instruction is the development and/or purchase of curriculum for the student. The amount of income generated from materials sold to a typical student will usually cover the marketing costs (and more) to generate that student! We have a convenient online store to order wholesale materials.
  • Other income generating opportunities. Many Childbloom Directors develop other value-added sources of income.  Ensembles, rock bands, recording classes, theory classes and camps are some of the sources are made possible through the Childbloom Program. These not only take advantage of the robust and valued culture that can be created, but contribute to developing that culture!
  • Childbloom Company bonuses. The Childbloom Company offers its Licensees  bonuses for quality in teaching, effectiveness in student generation and teacher referrals. We grow mainly by word-of-mouth. We allow teachers to benefit from that.

An Addition to Your Lifestyle

Since a typical Childbloom teacher teaches 2-4 hours per day, if you are already a teacher or a performer, no need to change what you are doing. A Childbloom program is designed to grow into your musical lifestyle. The Childbloom Program can easily be a part of a variety of musical career life-styles; whether it is private instruction, university or public school teaching. Once you are a licensed Childbloom Director you may develop your program at your own choosing. We are always here to help with consultation, brainstorming and program development.


Increase your Credentials by Increasing your Skills

A Childbloom teacher brings to an environment such as a music store or school, a specialist in children’s music education.  A Childbloom program can bring a weekly increase in floor traffic, an affluent clientele, a large family customer base, an independent marketing program, hassle-free management, and the ongoing association with other Childbloom Educators to ensure high-quality instruction and program stability and growth. Is it any wonder that Childbloom educators are in great demand by music stores, studios and music schools? As long as there are children and guitars, a Childbloom educator will be in demand.


High Quality and Proven Curriculum

The Childbloom curriculum was developed for success in teaching a high-skill technique to children ages 5 and up. Once a child develops our kind of skill and learns to read music with our innovative system, he or she can go in whatever stylistic direction desired. Childbloom students have excelled in both pop, indy, country and art music styles. Here is a video of a young indy talent. Here is a video of an outstanding Childbloom student playing classical guitar. 

From the youngest’s pride in competency to the teenager’s expanding social horizon, the Childbloom curriculum combined with the Childbloom structure, is engaging for children of all ages. A typical Childbloom teacher will teach students from age five all the way up through high-school.