Teacher Testimonials

There is no comparison. The training in child development, this was not something I had done. There is also a huge benefit to the group experience. Guitar, by nature, is a very solitary instrument…and this approach brings the children together. The ensemble experience is potent both for the social aspect…(It is, after all, fun to play together!) and also important for the young students to learn about rhythm….As well to have the intermittent release from attention, which means it is a less pressured environment. It is very joyful and age appropriate learning. The Childbloom approach is unique combination for very young players….and then the approach evolves as the children grow.

Slobodan Vujisic

1n a word: Childbloom means success for both student and teacher!!!! The Childbloom Curriculum allows students to consistently succeed because of the thoughtful pedagogy behind it. That success is contagious in the smiles it brings to the students, the parents, and my face. I leave every day wanting to go back to teach tomorrow to see what new successes my students have made.. This career path has given me the flexibility and independence to tailor my teaching skills to the specific needs of my students, create a successful learning environment, and build an income to support my family. I have the best of both worlds because Childbloom helps me to succeed!

Chris Peleshenko, St. Charles County, Mo.

The Childbloom Guitar Program is a wonderful method for students and teachers. The pedagogy is inspiring and fun for the students. The initial teacher training and follow-up workshops are very enlightening, enabling the teachers to take advantage of other instructors’ experience and expertise. The earning potential of the program is the highest of any Method I’ve found.

Jan Ryberg

With two performance degrees and no job opportunities I decided to open a Childbloom Program. I love using the materials and curriculum. In addition I earn two to three times more that my part-time university teaching and greater job security and satisfaction. Operating this Program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Polly Maynard MM, Denton TX

I love the repertoire, beautiful music that is a joy to play and teach.

Katie Kerwin, Austin TX

When I first learned about the Childbloom Guitar Program I was admittedly more impressed with the potential increase in income. Since I began teaching the Childbloom Program here in Tulsa … I’m having as much fun as the students. The piano and violin have had an effective pedagogy available to children for many years. Now with the Childbloom Guitar Program, the guitar is on an equal level.

Michael Fowler, University of Tulsa, OK

Childbloom has offered that opportunity…to build a successful studio reliably and quickly. However, the program has proven its worth from more than a financial standpoint – lots and lots of children are learning to play the guitar!

K. Larson, Boise, ID

After a stint travelling with a band in the 1980’s I had given up on being a full time musician and finished a business degree to settle for a career in the insurance industry; teaching and performing “on the side”. Then at the age of 50, the Childbloom Program allowed me to “retire” from the insurance industry and renew my dream to be a career musician. With a proven curriculum and company support I am able to maintain a base source of income from Childbloom lessons, which complements my other activities such as teaching privately for college students during the morning hours and performing in the evenings and on weekends. I believe that I have become a much more effective teacher and a better player now that I am able to devote myself to my passions. I’m impressed with the broad base of knowledge I’m able to draw from the company and from other teachers. In addition to the great resources for pedagogy, etc. I appreciate the emphasis the company has placed on the practical issue of building a successful business.

Geoff Gunderson – Sioux Falls, SD

The Childbloom program is the most effective pedagogical curriculum I know…I have consistently witnessed outstanding young guitarists who were not only musically superior in their ensemble and chamber musical skills, but also fabulous soloists! The young artists trained in the Childbloom Program are a step ahead of their peer in my opinion.

John McClellan, Author, Producer, Guitarist and Professor of Music, Webster University, St. Louis, So

When I came into contact with The Childbloom Guitar Program, it opened doors I never imagined for young children. The materials are excellent! They have real musical content so they are interesting to learn. Teaching is a happy occasion for the kids and the teacher!

Gilda Blanchard

When was 25 I thought, ‘Why do I want to waste my time teaching children?’ I didn’t see the potential for a musical career that Childbloom Educator Training offered. Although I taught college for 20 years, teaching children has been much more musically rewarding. Even with Suzuki training, I never had the studio I needed to support a family. The Childbloom Program has allowed that and more. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Michael Miller

The kids love this program. I have not had one child fail to become excited about it.

K. Hanser, St. Louis, MO

As a guitarist, musician, music teacher, arts administrator, and parent, I can confidently say that the Childbloom Guitar program is one of the absolute best options for young musicians. The course content is perfectly age- and ability-appropriate and is paired with some of the best research-based music instruction I’ve ever seen. My son isn’t just playing notes on a page or repeating patterns by rote, he is learning fundamental musicianship in an environment that has his best interests in mind. Do yourself a favor and have your child sit-in for a lesson before you decide to join; you’ll be signing up before the session is done.
Jason Martin
Choral Vice President-Music Music Educators Association

Director-St. Peters Choral Society

Community Choir Repertoire and Resources
Chair-Missouri Choral Directors Association