Company Assistance

Parent Education = Retention

Children lose interest when their parents lose interest. We know when that happens. We know why it happens. That is why we publish the Childbloom Monthly Newsletter which goes to the parents of your students free of charge. The newsletter provides concrete, proven methods for home involvement and no-nonsense knowledge of what to expect during this educational experience. Our innovative Childbloom online learning club provides in-home practice support with audio/visual material, literacy trainers, theory and more.


Website referrals

We regularly receive student prospects who inquire through our website. These prospects are then referred to a local Childbloom Director at no charge. This is an extraordinary value to Childbloom Directors. One referral averages over $1200 in income without any student-generation cost!


Director-to-Director Education

All Childbloom Directors are invited to join a confidential internet association. This association allows Directors  to share information, keep abreast of the latest marketing and pedagogical successes, provides instructors with updates on curriculum, student strategies, and other invaluable information essential to the success of the private studio. This has enabled the Childbloom Teachers to weather the Covid storm and continue with their program’s income. In 2020 Childbloom Instructors’ had higher income than in 2019 despite the pandemic!


Ongoing Curriculum Development

The Childbloom Company develops materials, lesson plans and other curriculum so that you don’t have to. We continually seek to expand the market by providing new learning opportunities for our students and income opportunities for our teachers. Certified Childbloom Instructors share in this ongoing education. Our online curriculum resource package for Instructors provides a dynamic compendium of group and individual lesson plans to every item taught in the Childbloom Program.


Student Generation Expertise

The Childbloom Educator Training increases certified instructors’ ability to compete in the marketplace by providing the know-how and the materials to develop your own unique student generation plan. We know that not all areas respond identically to outreach. That is why we train you in in how to develop your own outreach that fits your needs and budget and show you how to respond to your unique market. We also offer free ongoing training and consulting. With these tools you will be prepared to build your program in the marketplace and make it grow. This information is what counts when trying to build a career.


Problem Solving/Free Continuing Education

We have 35 years of program experience in markets large and small. We will be your free consultant to solve problems and listen to your recommendations. We are ready to assist you in building the program you want. You will not be alone.


Exclusive Workshops

The Childbloom Company sponsors periodic Instructor workshops. These provide a chance for all instructors to participate in the network of professional educators and also to learn about the latest developments in curriculum, pedagogy, client relations, student generation and opportunities for growth.


Database Support

The Childbloom Company provides free enrollment list management to every teacher. We have 35 years worth of student and studio data that provides critical information needed for the development of a music education business. This data is unique and is not available through university training, SAA, or organizations other than through the Childbloom Company. Access to this knowledge gives a music educator a great advantage in any environment. This unique information tells us what it takes to create thriving studios and a musical career.


Periodic Critiques

Music education is both an art and a science. The Company offers periodic critiques of instructors’ teaching to ensure the quality education associated with the Childbloom name. If you are new to the profession you will benefit by the observation of master teachers. If you are experienced, you understand the value of collaboration with experts. These critiques have been shown to improve overall retention rates, which means more satisfied students, lower marketing costs and faster growing programs.


Freedom to Choose How You Operate Your Program

You will be free to be yourself. Our purpose is to provide the educational assistance you want to be successful. You are our client, we are not your boss. Childbloom teaching offers a great lifestyle for an entrepreneurial teacher who loves music, and wishes to communicate that love to young people.