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Our Kids in Action!

Childbloom Christmas Choir Performs at the Texas State Capital Rotunda.

Performing can be a scary thing. The Childbloom Program cultivates a habit of performance in the class, for family, in our outdoor, “sound oasis” teams, open mics, and eventually on the concert stage in recitals.

What Parents Say
"There is no national classical guitar program that comes close to the distinctive, professional teaching model offered by Childbloom. The best thing we did for our son on the artistic side was to introduce him at age 8 to Kevin Taylor and his Childbloom instructors. It has been a wonderful experience, especially to hear the beautiful music these young people perform throughout the year!" B. Forbes
B. Forbes
”This has been the best experience! Our son’s time at Childbloom has really been beneficial. He has now expanded the number of instruments he plays as a result. Our teacher is highly effective.” Bill & Julia C.
Bill & Julie Campbell
”At 3+ years in the Program I recently asked my daughter (11 yrs. old) why she likes guitar. Her response was, ”I like to be able to do something that not a lot of kids can do and I like to show that skill off.” Steve O.
Steve Ortiz
"My kids have been taking lessons with The Childbloom Guitar Program for the past 4 years. Learning guitar from an instructor who is fantastic at 'tuning in'  to each child at his/her level is a great way to instill in them an appreciation of music, a sense of accomplishment, self-discipline, and CONFIDENCE. Childbloom teaches proper technique and skills that will enable kids to play ANY style of music they choose! It really has enriched my kids' lives in ways they'll carry with them into adulthood!" T. Hunt Gibbs
T.H. Gibbs
"Great teaching method. What my daughter has accomplished in 3 years is incredible! I can't recommend this program more highly." P. Smale
P. Smale
"I love the Childbloom Program since it gives the students so much satisfaction right away! Its so much better than learning chords for the first few months before they can really enjoy the guitar." KS
"I couldn't be happier with the musical education my daughter is receiving. The Childbloom Program allows quick success which encourages her to play more and raises her self esteem each time she learns a new song. The lessons are adding a wonderful new facet to my child's life." DZ
"I have enjoyed watching my 9 year old learn how to play the guitar. I feel the musical skills he is developing have boosted his confidence which has helped at school." L.M
"We are very fortunate to be guided through musical education with such an experienced and child-centered approach. Thank-You!" T. M.
T. M.
"The Childbloom Program is very efficient in taking children from the stage of no-knowledge of music to the level of reading and playing; it makes the child very soon addicted. What a good addiction!" E. B.-G.
E. B.-G.