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How Music Paves the Way for Proficient Readers

Soundtrack to Fluency By Charlene Roth In a world where technological distractions seem to be the norm, nurturing a child's literacy skills can be quite a challenge. However, there is a melodious ally that can make this task not only enjoyable, but also a whole lot...

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The Yoga of Learning Music

We have a large and growing percentage of South Asian (Indian) families in many of our programs throughout the U.S. They bring deep cultural roots that resonates with the best of American traditional values of freedom, learning, tolerance and cultivation of their...

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May 2020 This Spring has been like no other. The summer will also be different: disagreements about wearing masks, cultivating hand washing, weekend drives just to get out of the house, crossword puzzles, daytime TV, gardening, vlogs and online learning. Each...

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About Childbloom

We specialize in teaching children. The Childbloom Program was made for young people age 5 and up. You can feel confident that your children will be given the best opportunity to learn, grow and cultivate their talent.

The Childbloom Program cultivates a habit of performance in the class, for family, in our outdoor, “sound oasis” teams, open mics, and eventually on the concert stage in recitals.

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What Parents Say

“I couldn’t be happier with the musical education my daughter is receiving. The Childbloom Program allows quick success which encourages her to play more and raises her self esteem each time she learns a new song. The lessons are adding a wonderful new facet to my child’s life.”

As a guitarist, musician, music teacher, arts administrator, and parent, I can confidently say that the Childbloom Guitar program is one of the absolute best options for young musicians. The course content is perfectly age- and ability-appropriate and is paired with some of the best research-based music instruction I’ve ever seen. My son isn’t just playing notes on a page or repeating patterns by rote, he is learning fundamental musicianship in an environment that has his best interests in mind. Do yourself a favor and have your child sit-in for a lesson before you decide to join; you’ll be signing up before the session is done.
Jason Martin
Choral Vice President-Music Music Educators Association
Guitar Teacher, Choir Director-South High School
Director-St. Peters Choral Society
Community Choir Repertoire and Resources Chair-Missouri Choral Directors Association

“My kids have been taking lessons with The Childbloom Guitar Program for the past 4 years. Learning guitar from an instructor who is fantastic at ‘tuning in’ to each child at his/her level is a great way to instill in them an appreciation of music, a sense of accomplishment, self-discipline, and CONFIDENCE. Childbloom teaches proper technique and skills that will enable kids to play ANY style of music they choose! It really has enriched my kids’ lives in ways they’ll carry with them into adulthood!”