Instructor FAQ

Do I have to have a degree in music or the guitar?

Formal education is not a requirement. Knowledge is. All Childbloom Instructors must go through an application process that includes a video example of the applicant’s skills. You must have right & left hand skill associated with classical guitar technique because those are the skills we teach the student. Childbloom Teachers encompass a whole range of skill levels – from junior players to concert artists. If you’re worried that you won’t qualify, contact us and we’ll let you know.

Do I have to read music to become a Childbloom Educator?

Yes. All Childbloom educators must be literate guitarists and musicians. Familiarity with both the art music and pop music traditions of the guitar is valuable, also. Not only do we share our love of music with our students, we also share our knowledge. 

Do I have to have prior teaching experience?

Prior teaching experience is always helpful, but not absolutely necessary. If you have a lot of experience teaching teens or adults but not much teaching 5-9 year olds, you must be willing to adapt to the new child-centered methods you will be trained in with Childbloom. It is a fascinating and interesting domain that brings great value to teachers, students and the future of our artistic culture..

Assuming you have the communication skills needed, the Childbloom Educator Training may be all the experience you need. Besides teaching experience, what we seek in a potential Childbloom instructor is maturity, stability, a love of music, and a willingness to become a trustworthy mentor/educator for children.

Where can I operate a Childbloom Guitar Program?

We do not determine your location. You may operate a program from your home, through a music store, or anywhere you would normally instruct. We recommend (but don’t require) a minimum space of 120 square feet or more for studio size. Finding a teaching site is usually the first challenge a new Director must accomplish. We want you to have a site lined up BEFORE you license. Call us to discuss how to do that. We can help. There are things to know.

* During the covid pandemic all of our teachers began teaching online. Online teaching is permitted with territorial restrictions.

How much does it cost to become a licensed Childbloom Educator?

There are two types of Childbloom Educator Licensing: Directors Licensing and Instructor’s Licensing. Instructor Licensing is reserved for those teachers who are sponsored and work with a Director. For both Directors and Instructors, upon qualification, there is an initial fee of $450.

Six months after the initial license agreement is signed and after initial training, Childbloom Directors  pay a monthly license fee which begins at 10% of gross income from their Childbloom Program (including sponsored Instructors) and quickly diminishes to 6% as the program grows. For the first six months of operation there is no license fee! This allows you to build a program quicker and stronger. Because we have a reputation for successful studios (which we wish to continue), and because there is an element of risk involved on the instructor’s part, we will review the potential for each prospect before a licensed agreement is signed. We want each teacher to be economically successful and will discourage instructors in areas that, demographically, cannot support a program. We believe the small start-up cost for a Childbloom Program combined with our online training allows for the quickest return on the investment with minimum risk.


Although Childbloom Educators may train in Central Texas, we have just just completed an effective online training course for Instructors and for Directors which was completed in August of 2021.  Director training includes custom analysis of your area, site and media. This online training can save a new Director thousands of dollars in start-up costs.

We also recommend (but don’t require) start-up capitol in the form of cash or credit to generate students. This amount will vary according to area and the cost of outreach vehicles. Many Directors began very lucrative programs with less than $500 start up capitol.

Although most businesses average 6% of gross income on marketing, Childbloom Programs typically spend less than 2% – and many developed programs spend nothing! But contact us if you are investigating Childbloom. When we know what your goals are, we can give you a realistic idea of what is needed to meet those goals. Each market is different. Teachers’ resources are different. One size does not fit all! We have 40 years experience and a large database of teachers successes to develop our information. No other business consultant can better provide that information specific to your music education career. That’s what Childbloom licensing  supports – a career.

What about competitive Childbloom Programs?

You will receive an exclusive mutually agreed upon territory to operate your Childbloom Guitar Programs and we guarantee not to infringe on current teacher’s chosen licensed sites. Instructors make the same guarantee. This protection also applies to online instruction.

How will this affect my income?

Contact us and we can give you the results other teachers are having. We have made the start-up costs minimal and the training convenient and free. Teachers integrate the Childbloom Program into their lifestyle how they see fit. Some program teachers teach a few students, some programs teach hundreds producing six-figure tuition income. Results vary according to the teacher’s goals and ambition. Since we are not a franchise, we have no production or marketing requirements.

As in all investments in one’s education, there is a risk. We’ve tried to minimize that risk. We encourage you to contact the Childbloom teachers listed on our website and ask them what the value of their program brings. We structured the program to improve a teacher’s income and increase the value of his or her teaching time by up to 400% while introducing many more children to this world of music that we love. Childbloom teachers have proven time and time again that we have done just that.

What can the Childbloom Program offer me?

Developing a program from the ground up is intensely challenging, time-consuming and costly. With the Childbloom Educator Training this is made easier and quicker. You will be able to walk right into a quality program of pedagogy and business practices that have been successful for 40 years. You will have access to:

• Outreach materials – brochures, collateral advertising, communication templates, press releases, publicity opportunities a lone teacher doesn’t have;

• A 35 year database of past marketing information;

• Immediate credibility in your area with parent testimonials and an image package;

• Valuable ongoing parent education for your clients;

• A business plan of your own through in depth continuing consulting ;

• Systems that are structured for success. Many music teachers’ systems work against their success. Childbloom was made for success.

• A dynamic and wonderful curriculum including our cutting edge deep-web Learning Club – unique in the market place. This is a growing curriculum that provides curriculum support for teachers. Once you know the system there will be little or no preparation. You just walk into a class and know what to teach at any level. All curriculum is sold to you wholesale.

• Free continuing education and affiliation with a network of professional educators will support a career with a winning formula for success! 

If you are really interested in becoming a Childbloom Licensed Instructor, no website is going to answer all of your questions. Teachers want to know what are the cost, how does it work, what is so special about Childbloom and whether it will fit in your particular lifestyle. Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions. We really want to know what your individual concerns are about making a career in music. Contact us at and we will answer YOUR particular questions.