Utilizing the latest in the academic research of skill-mastery, the Childbloom Program has made available to Childbloom parents and students an online learning system to accommodate the Childbloom curriculum. Over 200 play-along videos of specific curriculum challenges are available. The videos can be sped up or slowed down according to the student’s pace of playing. In addition there are free theory PDF worksheets for students, a flashcard game to improve note recognition speed for ready readers and brain/hand exercises to build left and right hand skill quickly.

Founder of Childbloom, Kevin Taylor, says, “Today’s families are inundated with the negative distraction of screens on our children’s development of reality.  There is no pretending when it comes to building musical skill. The Childbloom Complete Learning Course is a positive online service that integrates with the analogue reality of music performance. It helps a student practice efficiently and, more importantly, it can teach a student how to practice effectively. There is nothing like this tool in music education today. It is a real game changer.”

The Childbloom Learning Club is only available to Childbloom families.