Guitar Lessons for Kids (5+)

Childbloom Instructors provides guitar lessons for children ages five and up throughout the U.S. We have taught many young minds the skills it takes to be a great guitar player. Children and teens will not only learn to play guitar, they will learn to love and appreciate the instrument as they grow with it.

Since 1980, we have been perfecting our techniques and lessons using child-development and music education research. The Childbloom Guitar Program is made for kids. Our dedication to helping students improve has been rewarding for parents and children. Childbloom is currently one of the most successful guitar programs in the world. We offer lessons in small groups of 2-4, or private lessons, and we offer specials for family members.

To learn more about our instructors or lessons, give us a call, and contact us today to get started on your children's guitar mastery future!


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